Copper Gutters – A Quick Buying Guide

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Add a dramatic and elegant look to your home with copper gutters.

St. Louis Copper GuttersIf you are wondering whether to invest in copper gutters for your home, this post is for you. If you are looking for new gutters for your home, understand that copper gutters are the most expensive of all the options available; however, they add an elegant look to your home. If you are finding it difficult to decide if copper gutters are the right choice for your home, here is advice from experts at our St. Louis guttering company.

The Cost of Copper Gutters

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, so you will want nothing but the best for your home. Gutters are visible from all sides of the home, so they should add to the aesthetic appeal of the home rather than being an eye sore. Many homeowners feel that copper enhances the natural details of a home beautifully.

As far as price is concerned, copper gutters are the most expensive of all available gutters. Aluminum gutters rank highest in terms of popularity in the United States. Copper gutters cost almost three to five times more than aluminum gutters. When you buy copper gutters you do not just buy a guttering system, you invest in luxury, style, and performance.

What Makes Copper Gutters so Expensive?

  • Copper is a far more expensive alloy compared to aluminum.
  • When you install copper gutters, you also need the accessories and fasteners in copper. If you try to save money by using aluminum hangers, it will react with the copper and break it down.
  • The guttering company will need to take extra time and care to install copper gutters to prevent premature tarnishing.
  • When installing copper gutters, some extra soldering may be required around the joints. This increases the labor costs.

What Makes Copper Gutters a Good Long-Term Investment for Your Home?

  • Copper gutters are a great way to enhance the style and beauty of homes situated in high-end, exclusive neighborhoods.
  • Copper gutters enhance the curb appeal of your home. They will make your home stand out from other homes located in the vicinity.
  • If you intend living in the same house for a long time to come, then copper gutters may be your best choice as they last a long time and look good for decades. Even if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, copper gutters may help you get a higher price for your property.
  • Copper is among the most durable materials for gutters and the gutters will serve you for years without causing you problems.

Are you considering copper gutters for your home? Call Scott-Lee Guttering Company at (314) 756-9440 for a quote.