Gutter Guards – A Must Have for Every House

For your house to stay intact and damage free, you must protect it from various elements which can cause damage.

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Many damages sustained by a house are caused by water. Most homeowners think that since a gutter is installed around the roofs, they need not worry at all about the effects of water. They avoid installation of gutter guard systems and in turn end up spending huge amounts of money on extensive repair jobs for the damages sustained by various parts of the house due to rain water.

Does Your House Really Need a Gutter Guard System?

If you believe that your house is safe without a gutter guard system, consider that just an inch of rain falling on an average 2,000 square foot roof of a house can produce over 2,500 gallons of water. An effective and efficient gutter system with gutter guards can collect this water and divert it safely away from your house into the drainage system on the street. However, if your gutters are clogged with debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt, the water will continue to collect in the gutter and will start to overflow from the gutters. This can cause damage to the landscaping and foundation of the house.

To keep your lawn tidy and beautiful, you may have invested in landscaping around your house and planted various flowers, shrubs, grass, and mulch. The waterfalls from the chocked gutters may play havoc with the landscaping and will leave your efforts and investment in a big mess.

Potential Problems From Overflowing Gutters

The other problem that occurs due to overflowing gutters is the damage to the foundation. Continuously overflowing water will eventually find a way to the foundations of the house and start exerting pressure on the walls. The foundation walls, which are also the walls of the basement in many houses, will develop cracks and someday you will have a flooded basement. The foundation of a house supports the entire weight of the house and excessive amount of water can cause the already weakened foundation to shift, crack, or sink. The damage sustained will require large scale repairs that can leave a hole in your pocket.

The exterior of your house can also be affected by overflowing gutters. The doors, window frames, and walls will be exposed to a large quantity of water than they are designed to handle and can start rotting. The walls and doors may become warped and will require expensive repairs.

Protect Your Home and Landscaping

A gutter guard system is a home improvement which will help you save a large amount of money in the future. Gutter guard systems installed by trained St. Louis guttering professionals work effectively by collecting the rain water and diverting it away from your house, thereby saving your house’s exterior and foundation and preserving the landscaping. Call Scott-Lee Guttering Company at (314) 756-9440 to begin installation today!