St. Louis Gutter Dome

St. Louis Gutter Guards

GutterDome is a product that we offer at Scott-Lee Guttering that prevents your gutters from getting clogged with debris. Every year people spend countless hours cleaning their rain gutters from leaves, pine needles, seed pods, and other debris that accumulate throughout the seasons. This is time consuming and can also be dangerous. However, GutterDome eliminates this problem and is a permanent solution.

What is GutterDome?

GutterDome is a wire mesh made from surgical grade stainless steel that prevents debris from entering your gutters. They install on most rain gutters such as half round, curved, and seamless. It works by fastening to the front lip of your existing rain gutters with self-drilling screws. They meet AAMA standards with a durable surface coating that is environmentally friendly, long lasting, low maintenance, and tough.

In addition to installing on many types of gutters, they also install on most gutter materials such as copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, vinyl, and wood grain.

If you have any questions about GutterDome or would like a professional consultation, please contact Scott-Lee Guttering today by calling (314) 756-9440 or by filling out our online contact form.