Half Round Gutters St. Louis Half Round Gutters

At Scott-Lee Guttering Company, we have a variety of half round gutters from which to choose.

Prior to the 1960s, half round gutters were commonly used on homes. After the 1960s, the cost of having half round gutters installed became more expensive due to the labor intensive installation. Historically, half round systems were primarily applied to upscale homes.

However, the emergence of half round aluminum systems has opened the market for half round to be installed on more modest homes.

5” and 6” half round guttering systems are available and are most often complimented by one of many types of round downspouts. Half round systems offer a more historical and elegant look than the standard “K-Style” gutters. These guttering systems are available in copper and aluminum.

Not only are they esthetically more pleasing, but they are one of the most efficient types of gutters. They are not affected by snow and ice.

At Scott-Lee Guttering, we offer seamless half round gutters. This type of gutter is manufactured from one long piece of metal and lacks seams.

Half Round Gutter Installation

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