St. Louis LeaFree

St. Louis Gutter Guards LeaFree St. Louis

LeaFree is another option in keeping your gutters clog-free! These gutter guards allow water to enter the gutter while at the same time keeping leaves, seeds, and other debris out. They also prevent birds and other pests from creating nests inside your gutters.

Because of LeaFree’s low profile, they add to the beauty of a home. They are available in a wide variety of colors so they blend in with your current gutter system. They are also custom fitted to adjust to any roof pitch.

They can withstand very heavy rains. They do not need to be screwed onto the roof; they simply slide under the shingles and are screwed only to the gutter lip. In the event of damage by falling tree limbs, LeaFree is easy to replace because the sections of panels are only 4 feet long.

They are installed by experienced and professional installers. This ensures that your gutter guards are installed correctly to give you the maximum benefit.

St. Louis LeaFree Installation

Scott-Lee Guttering Company is an authorized dealer for LeaFree. Since 1986, Scott-Lee Guttering Company has become one of the largest and most respected skilled contractors in the St. Louis and St. Charles, MO, area.

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