Rain Chains

At Scott-Lee Guttering Company, we offer many different downspout options, including rain chains.

Rain Chains work just like downspouts by draining the water from your gutters to the ground. They are typically a series of copper cups chained together, with a hole in the bottom of each cup so that the rain water can drain through them. They are unique additions to any home.

At Scott-Lee Guttering Company, we carry a variety of shapes and sizes from small, medium and large cup styles to chain link styles. They are a fashionable accessory for your home that is also extremely functional.

Do not worry about the winter months. Rain chains look pretty cover in snow and ice, and the weight is not an issue.

Rains chains work in connection with your rain gutters. The water from your roof flows into the gutters and is then guided to a downspout, or rain chain, to direct water to an acceptable place on the ground.

St. Louis Rain Chains

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