Winter Safety Tips For Your Home

Ice and snow on the sidewalk and driveway of your home can pose a serious safety risk to you and your family.

icy-sidewalksKeep the sidewalk and driveway clear of ice and snow at all times. Here are some winter safety tips for your home from our St. Louis guttering professionals.

Plan Ahead

You may not be motivated to clear the snow soon after it has fallen. After all, who likes to go out in sub-zero temperatures with a shovel and clear the snow? However, it is extremely important not to delay this task for too long, because if you let the snow stand for a few hours, it could freeze into ice, making the task even tougher.

Direct Water Away From the Roof

We have devoted many posts on discussing how important it is to keep the gutters clear so that they can effectively channel the water runoff from the roof and away from your driveway and sidewalk. If your home architecture is such that the runoff falls straight on to the sidewalk, you should get the gutters re-pitched.

Make Sure the Water Is Diverted Away From the House

It is important to have the driveway at the highest point where it connects to your home as it will help divert water away from the structure. Remember, most homes are not built on a level ground and water will tend to find its own level and accumulate. Do not let this build up cause serious damage to your house.

Clear Out Debris

Clear your sidewalks and driveway of leaves and all other debris. This is important because as the temperature drops to a freezing level, these leaves will clump together and freeze.

Keep Bags of Sand and Salt Handy

It is a good idea to stock up on bags of road salt before it starts to snow. You should do this before the onset of the season, because once the snow hits, the stores will hike the prices and some stores run out of stock.

Have Your Tools Ready

Invest in a good quality metal ice breaker and shovel. Again, it is not a good idea to wait until the last minute to purchase these items, so if you do not already have them or the ones you have are old or worn, purchase new ones now.

Do Not Pile Ice and Snow Close to the Sidewalk or Driveway

When you know shovel the driveway, ensure that you pile the snow as far from the sidewalk or driveway as you can. Even in the coolest of winters, these piles of snow will melt in the sunlight, and the snowmelt will freeze again at night leaving a large amount of ice on the driveway.

We hope these tips from our St. Louis guttering experts will help you keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of ice and snow. If you think your gutters are not working as well as they should, get in touch with Scott-Lee Guttering Company at (314) 756-9440 to schedule an appointment for repairs.